Window tinting involves applying a thin sheet which is translucent on the windows of your car. It is such a simple procedure. Window tinting has many benefits on your truck or car windows. The film applied has a thickness which ranges from 0.001 to about 0.004 inches. Despite the many benefits of window tinting, it can also lead to hazards at night especially to the drivers since it affects their visibility in low lighting conditions.

Many states have come up with a way of making sure that the level of tinting in cars doesn’t make it dangerous to the drivers. For example, in New Jersey, the law has allowed seventy percent in the tinting level of the windows. Where else in Arkansas the tinting level is a bit low with the law allowing only twenty-five percent. This is too revealing but safe!

There are various ways of tinting your car. This depends on your financial status, time that you need to replace the tint or the level of expertise. There are three ways of tinting. They include film tinting which is a very cheap method of applying tint. The tint applied is not permanent; in fact, it peels off after a few months. Interestingly, it prevents shattering of glass in case of an accident.


Secondly, the OEM glass is a method where tint is applied when the glass is being applied. The tint is lighter but expensive to replace. Lastly, tinting using spray is the last method. This requires expertise as it is a difficult method to apply. Mostly cars are tinted due to different reasons. This depends on the owner whether the owner wants privacy or appearance or both.

Increasing the comfort level

Tinted windows increase the comfort in a car. Tinted windows ensure that a car cools down rapidly and reduces the heat. Air conditioning in the car is less used hence reducing the fuel costs. Tinted windows also facilitate fast cooling of your car when the outside temperatures are extremely high.

Blocking the UV rays

These films can filteefefwegewgrwhgsr up to 99% of the ultraviolet rays. These rays are known for causing skin cancers as well as aging. This is great for everyone traveling in the car. Additionally UV. Rays leads to fading and deteriorating of plastics. These rays might also lead to cracking of plastics with time. This means that the tinted windows will help to keep your car look younger and increase their durability.

Increasing the safety of passengers

This is beneficial to all people who are traveling on a regular basis. The tinting film holds the glass when it breaks thereby protecting the passengers from potential injuries.