Getting a new roof is an excellent addition to your house or even upgrading an already existing roof is a value adding process. The upgraded roof communicates that the house is in good condition and even adds to the general aesthetic of the room. In the event you would like to sell the house upgrading the roof is a sure way of increasing the value of the ceiling. Upgrading the roof is one thing, but the material you chose for the ceiling is another point of consideration. The material adds to the overall exterior of the ceiling and its appeal.



However, before you settle on which material to choose for your roof, you will have a lot of considerations to make. First and foremost the cost in comparison to your budget should also be considered before you chose the material. Different material is also installed differently so examine the mode of fixing the type of roofing so that you are aware of the implications of the individual choices of the system.

Some of the questions you can ask before settling on a material include;

  • If the material meets the fire code of the area.
  • If there are any particular and maintenance issue to consider in regards to the material as a roofing solution.
  • What about the weight of the material of choice will it require any framing?
  • What are the lifespan of the product and the warranty if any.
  • Is the material friendly to the weather conditions of your area?
  • Does the material come in different styles and color?

Once you have answered the questions, then you can go ahead and get the material of your choice for your roofing.

Some of the favorite materials in the market include;

Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular materials used for roofing. Asphalt is also economical as it is easy to install and cheap to buy. To reinforce asphalt, you can use fiberglass and organic materials, as they will not change the outlook of asphalt. Asphalt is also widely available and comes in different colors. Asphalt works for any house style and is popular with the old types of techniques. Asphalt shingles have a long lifespan of up to twenty-five years.

Clay and concrete tiles


Clay and concrete tiles are elegant and add texture to the roof. The tiles come in many forms and shapes. Clay tiles, however, must be installed by a professional as they are massive. Not to mention also clay and concrete tiles come in many forms scalloped, genuine flat and ribbed thus you have a variety to chose.


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