Serious cat owners know the reasons why a proper cat diet is necessary. You may have also heard, why it is important to avoid commercial cat foods. For instance, if you are purchasing cat food from big retailers, you are in for a huge surprise. For instance, that food labeled “Premium Cat Food” may not be great for your beloved pets as you would believe. This is because the pet industry has been playing several dirty secrets, which they do not want their consumers to know.

Tips to choosing cat food

Pet food labels

Remembetg23erdf6y3weu3e8diu9i22r that the food labels, which you see on shelves are simply weaseled words that are meant to trick you. Weasel words are those words that are quite promising but are not actually informative. Some examples of these words are “premium,” “quality,” “choice” and much more. They are perfectly legal and are not a guarantee of ingredients or the food itself.

Read the ingredients

When you research about the ingredients, you can easily determine whether the cat food you want to purchase is worth it or not. You should read dry cat food reviews first before buying. Usually, low-quality cat food contains bone meal and meat as the major ingredient. This is because this type of meal is simply a mixture of diseased tissues, animal intestines, and bone parts. Also, animal digest and meat by-products do have similar ingredients. This explains why several pets get sick when they eat commercial cat food.

Quality control

It is importatg23erdf65ye67du387edu982nt to note that there is minimal quality control in pet food as compared to human food. Just like the foods that you consume, every bag of pet food should come with an in-depth analysis of ingredients used and where you can learn about the percentage of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Unfortunately, the analysis will not reveal the sources of those ingredients. For instance, some manufacturers have been found to use low-nutrition protein sources such as chicken feet so that they can add high protein rating to pet food.

Human grade ingredients

It is necessary to purchase cat food that has human grade ingredients. This may make common sense. Several pet food manufacturers claim to use human grade ingredients, but just use one or two ingredients that are worth human consumption.


Healthy cat food has lots of healthy bacteria known as probiotics. Thus, to have the right cat diet, ensure that food you purchase contains probiotics. In this way, you can promote the gut health of your pet.

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