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The first link is dedicated to the exquisite trilobites found in the Weeks Formation of Millard County, Utah. These trilobites represent some of the finest specimens ever found in 10 years of hunting. Click on the link and enjoy your browsing!!

The middle link is dedicated to the wonderful trilobites, crinoids, cystoids, and blastoids found in my home state of Indiana.  My father and I have collected the Waldron Shale Formation for the past 16 years. This collection represents some of the best fossils ever found in the Waldron Shale. Enjoy!!

The last link is dedicated to some of the rarest and most unusual trilobites ever to be found in Indiana. Some of these represent the only species ever found. 

In addition to the exquisite trilobite collection that is presented for your enjoyment, the following Museum Quality Nodules are now being presented as well.  The Nodules represent some of the finest specimens in a private collection.  Enjoy!

Weeks Trilobites Waldron Shale Fossils Indiana Trilobites
Indiana Fauna Nodules 


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All the trilobites and nodules listed are in the collection of Bob Schacht, unless otherwise stated. Please send your feedback to

I want to thank Master Preparator Scott Vergiels for the outstanding prep work on the vast majority of the fossils in my collection. Scott's superb work is what makes my collection one of the best quality collections in the world.

I also want to thank Merv Feick of for the fantastic web work that he provides to me. Without his hard work, my web site would just be another fossil web site that no one looks at.

None of the fossils listed on my web site are for sale, but I do have excellent duplicates of some of them that I might be willing to sell or trade. Contact me with your requests.  I also purchase quality specimens to add to my collection; if you have any items that you think I might be interested in, please contact me.


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